Whew! How has it been almost 6 weeks since I’ve sat down at the blog!?  Time flies when you’re having fun? finishing the last eight-weeks-of-MBA!! It’s true, graduation is right around the corner and I’m down to the last 3 weeks of class meetings!  Can’t believe it, these 21 months really have flown!

One thing I’m really looking forward to is sitting down at my computer to write for fun and not for academic assignments.  To catch up, here’s a few things that have been going on lately!

Rodeo Houston 2018 was another great year of the Show!  It was my 13th year as a Show volunteer and I had a unique opportunity to be a featured volunteer, participating in an interview on the dirt following the calf scramble with Chairman of the Board Jim Winne. My interview was Saturday, March 10th; Cody Johnson was performing and there were about 74,000 people in attendance! Say what?!  The day was great fun, I had so many people who were  a part of my volunteer story as a part of the day from former Officers in Charge, Chairman and fellow committeeman. Of course, my family was there, including the littles. For all of the fun things I got to do, the best part of my entire day, was my little niece telling me at the end of the day “Gigi, when I grow up I want to be like you”.  Never forget someone’s always watching.

Click here for the interview in real life! 

(PS, I’ll do a Rodeo Houston “What I’m Wearing” post soon! 🙂 Stay tuned.)

Of course the Auggie dog is living his best life between the school nights and assignments.  Taking daily walks, giving equal opportunity to all of his toys, chewing on a bone, riding shotgun and maintaining a well balanced nap schedule.

Antiques Week came in the midst of school too, and thankfully I had Good Friday off and was able to head out to the country, on one of my very favorite backroads, for a day working in the Zapp Hall kitchen alongside a few of my dear friends who are really pretty much framily. I worked a little overtime on my school work and snuck away for a part of the second weekend too!  The fields always refresh me, even when I am in a season of very little margin.

The bluebonnets have been so beautiful this spring, even though we’ve had some very unseasonably chilly days mixed in with beautiful spring weather. Auggie even smiled in the flowers for his obligatory bluebonnet pic!

Polished luncheons, and a dinner have still been going strong this spring.  The podcast featuring my talk from December recently launched.  This talk was all about self-care; balancing commitments, saying “no” without guilt, determination in personal goals and what my best “yes” is.  You can listen in by clicking here.

Last week I met my Mom for dinner on her way home from my brother’s.  She told me she “had something for me”; and pulled a pouch out of her purse.  Inside was this pink stone ring, a treasure from my Great Grandmother. My Aunt had the ring and gave it to my Mom recently for me to have. I was very fortunate to have a relationship with three of my Great Grandparents and can remember my Grandma Henderson always being dressed, put together and having on jewelry. My Great Grandpa bought her jewelry, and I’m thrilled to have this ring. Of course, on Friday I had to wear it!

4 Generations – Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom and Me…70’s kid!

Last week marked history with the passing of Barbara Bush.  I always loved her pearls, especially with her Astros jersey on game days.  In fact, I wore pearls with my Astros Tshirt in the 2015 playoff run when we were able to wear jeans to work in celebration of the Astros.

On Wednesday morning I put on my pearls and headed to work in honor of her life; the legacy of literacy she left, her commitment of 73 years to marriage, her advocacy for families and home, her impact to the City of Houston and our schools. Little did I know that tweet would appear on the KPRC evening news, on KHOU and lead to being a part of a Good Morning America online article. (Click here to read.) I was taking midterms, so thankfully several friends sent me pictures from the evening news.  I’m honored to have shared a few words regarding Mrs. Bush and her legacy.

That’s most of what’s been happening in March and April…a few other things I want to remember…

A quick trip home to see my family for Easter

Meeting up with friends for dinners and happy hour

Planned our annual work Expo which was mostly cancelled due to rain and only partially held

Caught an epic Astros game with an overtime win on a dropped ball

Finished a major work project

Held babies in the nursery

Earned a Plexus bonus

Met an Astronaut – Dr. Bernard Harris

Attended a couple of fundraiser luncheons

Led professional development

Picked back up my jogging miles

Had first day at the pool for 2018!

Finished a couple of books

Attended Barbara Bush viewing with a bestie
(We used to ride the METRO into downtown as commuters ca. 2001-2004. )

Haven’t cooked much

But, managed to take the trash out a few times!

And, that pretty much sums up what’s been going on lately!


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  1. Janice West on April 25, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    Wow, I’m tired just reading your blog. And, no wonder I got so many envious looks at my BCF name tag ~ you’re a professional! Glad I found it, I’ll visit often. ❤️

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