2020: Do

Last night I told Cody I couldn’t believe it was the end of 2020 today! This year has been so good to me, starting with a month of fun in January as leading up to saying “I DO” on February 1, 2020.

At the end of 2019, I felt as if “DO” was my word for 2020. Obviously, saying “I DO” this year was a part of that word, but wasn’t “DO” entirely for me, and I knew that going into 2020 as well. Though, with most years, I didn’t know exactly what “DO” would mean throughout the year.

In January DO meant a lot of physical DO-ing. We were taking care of last minute plans for our wedding. There were house projects, like everything out of the kitchen cabinets in Cody’s house, all of my things unpacked, wedding gifts included, consolidating, and rearranging to set up our kitchen together. I moved into the house Cody owned, so even though he didn’t move, he pretty much moved because most everything we owned was sorted, consolidated and rearranged. Together we created a space that has become home for both of us. We also wrote lots of thank you notes and counted our blessings over and over of those who were alongside us and celebrating as we prepared for marriage. We went to marriage counseling to learn more about ourselves, our lives together and how to DO marriage well.

February 1st we said “I DO” to one another and began our lives together in year one of marriage. I only wish that day could have lasted for 3, it is a blur and time standing still at the same time. We were so grateful to have so many family and friends come alongside us and support us as we began our married life. We committed to love Jesus first, each other second, for all of our days. If you read last year, that I DO was an easy yes for me, even though I didn’t know exactly what marriage would be like and what life would bring in our years together.

March we were finding routine, at work and home, preparing for our Spring Breaks and 3 weeks of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. One of my favorite things to DO is to volunteer, and the Rodeo is always a highlight of the year. This year, it only lasted 9 days and while we were finishing up a contest and Cody was on his way back to the grounds from an offsite event Rodeo Houston 2020 was shut down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. What? How can they DO this!? After wrapping up a few things with my committee, we had a cocktail with a few friends and went home, unsure of what the days and weeks ahead would bring.
April found us at home, not able to go and DO much of anything, but we did find things we love to DO together. The simplicity of life returned; we loved neighborhood walks with Auggie, grilling out, sitting on our patio, MadFit 30-day challenge, to-go food from our favorite local restaurants, time with our families, riding horses, the driving range, and got our bikes out a time or two. We also found a rhythm of working, of course we still had to DO our jobs, even if that was on Zoom and working from home. One thing I didn’t have to DO: commute! Amen!

May began to feel like a routine again. So many people told us in their 10, 20 or 30 plus years of marriage they had never had time together like 2020 brought with everyone at home. We were so thankful for this time and have realized through the year that these months were certainly defining in our relationship. We learned so much about each other and how to thrive even when things are stripped away. We also started to DO one of our favorite things: leading Bible Study. Cody gathered virtually with a group of men each week and I met up on Zoom with 4 besties. Together we went through several books as we continued to meet throughout the year. While Zoom isn’t the ideal gathering, it was such a blessing to connect weekly with my friends, and a part of 2020 I’ll forever hold dear.

June brought a lot of family time together with both of our immediate families. We also kept up our jogging, went fishing and I started summer schedule of 4 day work weeks, again still from home. Half way through 2020 and so much had changed, but we didn’t know any different as newlyweds. The thing I missed the most during our quarantined days was church. Going to church has been a part of my whole life, and something I got up every Sunday to DO. Yes, I know being in the church building isn’t necessary to worship, however we are called to join together with other believers for corporate worship. We attended Bayou City Fellowship virtually each week, were thankful for Curtis’ preaching and the sense of {altered} normalcy that hour brought to our week. But, I longed for church in person. This is the single thing that really brought me to tears during the pandemic.
July was the date we had on our radar for our honeymoon. We took a mini-moon for a few days right after our wedding, but were planning a big summer trip for our honeymoon. We were considering an Alaska cruise, the Calgary Stampede + a few days at a Dude Ranch, or Hawaii as our top three options. These were quickly knocked off our list and we decided while it might look different, going on a honeymoon was something we were going to DO. We didn’t expect to spend our honeymoon with so many kids, and we didn’t think we’d have to prepare nearly all of our meals, but we did adjust our expectations and have a wonderful week away to Seaside, Florida for our honeymoon. We can book any of those trips anytime in the future, what mattered most is that we took the time to get away, and spend time together. Even though that is pretty much what we were DOing anyway, being away from home was sweet time together.

August brought new experiences we planned six months before, but were altered due to the pandemic, but we had to DO them anyway. Joining a new church was tops of our list of things to DO post-wedding, which would mean getting connected to our community, meeting new people, and starting to serve within our church. Bidding farewell to Bayou City Fellowship was also really hard for me to DO, but I knew driving 40 miles to church wasn’t the right choice for us long term. When a church we visited a few times pre-wedding started opening up we registered to attend and have been going to in-person church since. While we haven’t been able to DO all things we thought, I have been so grateful to be in church again. Another thing that has been hard for me this year is not being able to meet new people in our community. While we are only a short drive from the City, it is important to me to have friends nearby and I am still going to DO the work to meet new people with hopes of a couple of friendships to develop.

September returned with a bit more routine; school years started with kids back in school, football games were happening, and we were through the first six months of our first year of marriage. One thing I started to DO intentionally is listen more. Our country has been in crisis way beyond the pandemic, and I intentionally engaged in conversations, asked hard questions, listened to people’s stories, learned about things I don’t know about, and was quiet to look at my own heart. This is one thing I know I need to DO more.

October was on the road. We spent a lot of time living out of packed bags, celebrated life that seemed gone too soon, cheered on sports games, spent time in places we love and joined in a Zoom small group at church. The thing we continued to DO was show up. Showing up is really important to me and despite the pandemic, there were still ways to show up safely. We also went out to DO something neither of us had ever done before, geo-caching. While we weren’t looking for Pokemon, we had a great time on a grown up scavenger hunt together on a warm October day.

November ushered in the holiday season, where we spent time with our families, saw a few friends and got to have our first fire of the season, which we found Auggie really enjoys! We got back in our wedding clothes for golden hour photos and reminisced on saying I DO. First holidays as a married couple can be stressful, because that is not “what we DO” for one or the other depending on how the holidays are spent. We spent time and talked through our expectations, setting our own traditions and how to have our best holiday season together.

Here we are to December, the gifts have been opened, Santa came, the tree is put away and we are expectant for what 2021 has to offer. We also got to DO one of my favorite things in December; attend the NFR in Texas. Our holiday seasons was a lot of fun, but the thing we always DO want to remember is the birth of Jesus, the importance He is in our lives and the purpose we have. The months of 2020 have been good to us, we have much to be grateful for and I would imagine each of us DO, if we take time to think back and look at the things we have instead of the things we don’t.

If I’m being really honest here, it is disheartening to me that this year has been summarized by so many as a “dumpster fire”. Is it really? While our convenience of things has changed, our economy has taken a major hit, we’ve been in a healthcare crisis, and seemingly everything is “crazy”, one thing I DO know remains. God is sovereign. Like he was in 2019 and like he will be in 2021. The sovereignty of God will not change. Our circumstances and days are never guaranteed, while we hold tightly to them, they are not ours to own.

2009 and 2012 brought layoffs for me, so I know what it’s like for those who have lost their jobs this year and am grateful we have kept our jobs. I also know provision will come and while changes related to loss of income are very hard, I packed up and moved back home, down the road it is amazing to see how things DO come together in opened doors that couldn’t have been imagined when doors were slammed shut.

Many years have brought loss, of all different kinds and 2020 brought loss, as will 2021, and the years that follow. I DO know my hope is secured in heaven, am grateful for those I have loved who have gone before me, their faith in Christ and that we will all be reunited in the second coming of Christ.

I want to acknowledge the loneliness 2020 brought. I have certainly felt this and know so many who have been by themselves for a majority of this year where struggles were intensified by loneliness. The thing I DO know is there have been many years that I have felt alone, without community or friends, and dealt with family struggles, just as there were within 2020. I have prayed for many and will continue to pray for those who struggled with loneliness in 2020 and who will in 2021 and beyond. To receive the help that is needed and to know Jesus sees you, your story matters and that we need you here.

As we wrap up this year, I believe what 2020 brought me is to remember all of the things I DO know:

Do not forget: God is sovereign.
DO take time to listen and learn.
DO rest.
DO try new things.
DO hard things.
DO spend time with those you love.
DO celebrate.
DO grieve.
DO play.
DO spend time with the Lord.
DO take steps in faith.
DO what’s best for you. 
DO trust.
DO laugh.
DO be flexible
DO go.
DO not put your faith in man.
DO adapt.
DO use your voice.
DO cheer for others.
DO show up.
DO communicate.
DO remember.

I’ll take these things with me to 2021, for they are the things I want to continue to DO for all of my days.

Happy New Year! 

I begin each year with a word, but I don’t tell anyone my word. I remember the word through the year and how it weaves into the year. To read about my word from prior years, click below. 
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Let all you DO be done in love in 2021, 



  1. Van on December 31, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    LOVE LOVE THIS!! Soo thankful to God for you!! Love you friend!! Keep shining your radiant light!!

  2. Amy Busti on December 31, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    I always enjoy your word of the year. I want to say a special and a hearty amen for pointing out that 2020 has NOT been a dumpster fire! It has been difficult and challenging, but so many beautiful things have come out of this year that I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even in times of hardship, God is always working for our good. And I’m sure it grieves Hjm when we don’t seek that good out and acknowledge Him for it. Thank you for never failing to seek out what is good, true, and lovely. Also, thank you for being open during your first year of marriage and letting us have a peek in to see all the good that God has been doing in your family!! Much love, friends!

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