Monday Musings: Connections

Last Saturday I was scrolling social media before I got up for the day and read this post by Katie Davis Majors:  

When I headed out for my day, the thought of “connection” really stirred in me.  I went to our local monthly “Market at the Park” because I’ve never gone and wanted to check it out.  There were so many great vendors and I stopped in booths and chatted with several people about their goods, most homemade.  I wasn’t being overly intentional to “connect” but I was aware of engaging in conversation and looking people in the eye, not just passing by booths.  I really enjoyed the market and even left with a free tree for our yard thanks to a company who was giving away trees! 

I made my way over to a Christmas Open House at a local boutique where I picked up a few fun things during their holiday sale.  Again, I chatted with a couple of people in store as well about holiday decor and nice discounts! Does this make you want to decorate??  Such a pretty display!! 

I made a stop at the new Dutch Bros, in honor of my sweet friend KK, and picked up a drink to go.  While there I chatted with a few other customers as we reviewed the menu and decided on our drinks.  

My last stop was the grocery store to prepare for Friendsgiving/World Series Watch Party. I happened to be on the same aisle with the same lady several times and we spoke as we navigated around the personal shoppers. I was in no rush, taking my time through the grocery store, looking for some items I don’t regularly purchase, and thoroughly enjoying my day.  

The last thing I needed was eggs and as I got to the eggs, the cartons were almost out, and all of the cartons had cracked eggs in them.  I could see there were full crates on the other side of the cart, saw an employee and asked if they could swap the cart, which they quickly did. As I was walking back to the eggs, I noticed a lady opening the cartons with cracked eggs, and she traded a good egg from another carton for a cracked egg and put the carton in her buggy.  As they were switching around the carts and we were waiting, 4 of us by then, I told her I saw her switch that egg and thought to myself “why have I never swapped out a cracked egg for a good egg in all these years!?”  We had a good laugh and she told me “I hadn’t lived long enough” to know to do that and I laughed again. I told her I really appreciated her showing me a new tip in the grocery store, and as she was leaving she told me “she was glad she could  share some wisdom with me in the grocery store”. 

I left that section of the store, picked up my last couple of things and headed to the checkout.  I’m not sure I’ll ever look at eggs the same again, and definitely won’t forget the laughs we all shared at the eggs.  I have no idea what the story is of those three ladies; maybe they needed a connection that day, maybe they were enjoying time in the store like I was, maybe they were in the midst of hard seasons, maybe they live alone and that was a point to connect to others.  No matter what, I was reminded all day of the value of connecting with others, strangers, in the most mundane and simplest of ways. There doesn’t need to be grand gesture, just simply taking the time to acknowledge one another really goes a long way, no matter which side of the connection you’re on. 

We live in such a hurried and busy society, and I don’t want to be too hurried to miss the wisdom in the grocery store, the restaurant, the market, the boutique, the ______________.  There is a lot to be gained from those around us when we slow down and are intentional to connect.  I encourage you to challenge yourself to ways you can spontaneously connect with others in your coming and going, I am certain it will be worth your time. 



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