#onedayhh 2022

I haven’t done a “day in the life” in a long time, and happened upon this year’s #onedayhh, and decided to participate. If you’re not familiar, it’s a social media connection for one day, hour by hour, to document your day.  I always like seeing these types of posts and it’s fun to have them to look back on a season of life.  I did this once before on Instagram, but didn’t blog it, so this time I’m recapping via blog for my memories. 

Monday, November 14, 2022

6:00 am 

Alarms went off, or had been going off – no judgments here, Auggie got up and made his rounds of a few minutes on the bed while Cody was getting ready for his day. I was lazy this morning and didn’t get up and going early.  

7:00 am

Dishes put away, bed made, load of laundry started, load of laundry folded, quiet time and work day started. One note about this Bible study…it’s a 7-week study that I started with some friends in June through Lifeway Women, which included the teaching videos.  It is November and I’m in week 5, I believe.  I’ve done other studies in the midst and am reading/working through a couple of other books simultaneously.  A friendly reminder to not be discouraged by days and weeks of a Bible Study book…keep going! It’s not about the homework checklist, it doesn’t matter that you got it all done within a timeframe. What matters is that you’ve learned something new and are closer to Jesus because of time spent studying his Word.  Little did I know how much of a wilderness season I would find myself in this fall, so the timing has all worked out for me.  As it always does.

8:00 am 

Work day going…emails, cup of coffee, projects reviewed. 

9:00 am 

Quick break to “get ready”.  I love this Home Body sweatshirt, it is so cozy!  And, the weather is perfect for it today…cold and gloomy awaiting rain! Transitioning from a morning routine that ultimately ends up out the door driving to work to a routine that is all at home and stays at home has been a challenge. Not a bad challenge, but as a person who likes routine, I am still working to figure out what that morning routine looks like for me daily while balancing the ability to be flexible when needed. 

10:00 am 

Lots of my day looks like this – working in a connected world from home! 

11:00 am

Checked in on my little co-worker.  He’s adjusted pretty seamlessly to work from home life. He stayed in the office the first few days, but now is mostly on the couch, taking care of his own business. 

12:00 pm 

Lunchtime!  Making a little charcuterie of lunch is one of my favorites. If you haven’t tried pimento cheese + Wickles pickles + sausage on a saltine….do yourself a favor! Thanks to our Alabama besties for sharing this recipe with us! 

1:00 pm 

Still here. Still working.  Also working on 2nd Stanley cup of water.  Lots of people have asked about thoughts on the Stanley…So far, so good! I used the same Yeti cup for 8 years, my constant water companion in the car, on my desk, on the coffee table, while in the kitchen, you get it…never far away.  I really like the handle on the Stanley. I tried the 40oz, but it was too big for me. I ended up getting the 30oz instead (by registering for a restock notification) and really like it.  If you want one, (5 colors in 30oz are currently available), or are considering gifting cups this Christmas season, use this link for a little discount for you and a future discount for me.  

2:00 pm 

Took a quick break for Auggie to go outside, a drizzly gray day, but Cathy’s flowers are still so vibrant! 

3:00 pm 

Cody’s home! And, he stacked up the wood for tonight’s fire. I think Auggie is ready, he does like a fire when it’s cold outside. 

4:00 pm

Office switch for Cody to attend a meeting and I got in a quick Peloton workout. It’s a two-fer for this hour. 

5:00 pm 

Wrapped up the work day and Cody got the fire is going!  Perfect fall cozy evening at home! I spent a few minutes by the fire with a magazine, and told Cody “I feel like this is my natural habitat“! I love sitting by a cozy fire!

6:00 pm 

Cody cooked up some chicken-fried-venison-backstrap that was so good and I made some brussle sprouts with a little honey balsamic glaze and sweet potatoes. Yummy! 

7:00 pm 

While Cody was attending Bible Study I got back into the kitchen and made these cookies, and added chocolate chips, I picked up recently from the fall baking aisle of the grocery store. I don’t bake cookies too often, and am still perfecting how long a cookie needs to bake to be soft and cake like, but still done!  

8:00 pm 

Bible Study done + cookies done.  Evening treat! 

9:00 pm 

….which was actually just a few minutes before 10:00 and I was in bed, reading a few pages of my Kindle. I’m currently  reading JoJo Moyes’ Ship of Brides which has taken me a bit to get into, but I’m keeping on with it. Even though my library app has had a couple of other books ready that I really want to read! Also, I have Colleen Hoover’s It Starts With Us from a friend that I need to read!

10:00 pm

This was a fun ordinary Monday to capture hour by hour.  Good night!  


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