Friday Favorites: 11.18.22

Happy Friday!!  

Checking in to share a few recent FAVORITES today.  Here’s to the Thanksgiving week ahead, wishing you all time to slow down and give thanks for the good things in your life. If this holiday season ahead is hard, I am praying for you, I can relate, and trust that God is right alongside us in the best of seasons and the hard seasons.  Even in the hard, there are opportunities for gratitude, and it is worth our time to stop and remember those things. 

Speaking of Thanksgiving, our decor has been a FAVORITE lately.  Soon to be switched up for Christmas decorations!

Thanks to a cold front, and weather that has actually stayed cold, we had our first fire, and several days in a row of fires! 

Sitting by the fire is definitely one of my FAVORITE things!

The City of Houston as been such a fun place lately celebrating our FAVORITE team, The Astros – 2022 World Series Champions

I started really learning and playing golf over the summer.  We got new bag carts and walking to play is my FAVORITE way to play + get a little exercise in! It’s been nice to play 9 holes in the evening. 

A simple skin care routine has long been a FAVORITE for me.  These are a few of my everyday FAVORITES that I use. Skincare in the winter is key for me as my skin tends to get so dry! 

A bestie recently shared about Tarte cosmetics and it happened to be their sale, so I picked up a few products and so far I have really liked them. The lip gloss, is already a FAVORITE! 

This week we celebrated our third engagement anniversary.  A FAVORITE day to reminisce about! 

With the weather change, it was finally time for a little change in church clothes.  I picked up this dress early in the summer, a clearance from last season, and this weekend had cooperative weather to wear it! Shopping sales for end of season clothes is one of my FAVORITE tips.  I love Uncle Frank and Ivy Jane brands, but their regular prices are pretty high.  However, when you catch them on 75% off, and it’s not super trendy style, it’s worth the purchase, even if it’s a few months before you can wear it! Old Navy coats are a FAVORITE for me, because they come in Tall sizes! 

Magnolia Journal is a FAVORITE magazine for me and I love the stories told and the themes of each issue. I was reading the fall issue this week, which had a theme of “fortitude”. This page really caught my eye… 

“Maybe you didn’t ask for this chapter of your story,
the one that feels like a winding road with no end in site.
Yet, here you are, with fortitude,
showing up for every turn in the path.
Like a river curving and carving along the edge of the banks,
you are a force to be reckoned with,
here to become who you were always meant to be.”

Have a great weekend ahead and prayers for Thanksgiving moments to remember and be grateful for in the week ahead.  


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