5 years down the road of twists and turns….

I’ve been thinking about this day approaching…5 years later…. 
…and how much has happened in those 5 years.  
I can still remember the boss who walked into my office….
“Angie, we’re going in a different direction, and we’re not going to use this position anymore. You’ll get a severance.” 
If you would have asked me April 3, 2012 where I would be in 5 years, it certainly wouldn’t be here. I couldn’t even have dreamed the road I’ve ended up on. 
I’ve blogged about these twists and turns a few times…. 
When all my boxes were turned upside down and ultimately everything I owned stored in boxes for an unknown future.  (click here)
The year I spent on the road, living just like a gypsy.  (click here)
And, just when I thought I was getting settled and my car was stolen, which was symbolic for so many other things. (click here)
Finishing a year of teaching school, and the last of the tests I had to take.  (click here)
The only thing that stays the same, is thing change. (click here)
And, tomorrow, it could all change again. 
Lord willing it won’t. 
But, it could. 
And, I know that my faith and hope remains in Jesus. 
Not in a job. 
Not in a place. 
Not in a person. 
Not in things.
This is who I am. 
He goes before me. 
NOTHING surprises him.
Because of the road I’ve walked I’ve learned to let go of past, and look to the future. 
So many things are out of my control. 
But, I know who’s got control. 
I am HIS. 
He is not moved by the world. 
HE controls it. 
Not some boss of mine. 
I’ve drank from everyone of these cups over the last five years. 
And, I know I will drink from each of them again. 
Every one of them has taught me a lesson. 
I’ll never stop dreaming. 
I am blessed. 
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.
(and sometimes you have to fake smile through it)
My faith will always carry me. 
Never stop gaining wisdom. 
Patience – for my time is not always His. 
Give myself and others grace.
Relax. Enjoy the ride. 
I am HIS. 
He’s got me. 
And, where this road has led? 
I like it. 


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    […] This morning my Facebook memories reminded me this was the day, seven years ago, I began building my first trade show booth at Texas Antiques Week which kicked off a year of work “on the road”. The year which I now call my adult gap year, a year in between my second corporate layoff and beginning a career in public education, a year in which life was at times really hard, a year that I made some very dear friends and a year that I would never go back and change.  […]

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