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Happy Friday!

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It’s “Fall” by way of the calendar, but not the temperatures here in Texas. However, it is October and that means getting the fall decor, (read: pumpkins) out to decorate!

I don’t go too “all out” with pumpkins, but do put a few out and I enjoy them. I only have a couple of true Halloween decorations, so I leave my pumpkins out and change the from “trick or treat” to “give thanks” for November.  Having pumpkins out is a favorite season for me. I love fall, and one day the temps will cool off and I LOVE all the pumpkin treats, except I really don’t love PSL (pumpkin spice latte). #shocking. But, give me pumpkin pie for breakfast, pumpkin roll for lunch, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for snack and pumpkin pancakes for dinner! 🙂

Here’s the pumpkins I have out this year….

I’ve mentioned these glitter pumpkins before, and they are out on the corner of my bar this year.  I got them on a major sale after Christmas one year after eyeing them ALL. FALL.!! 🙂

Here’s where I have a couple of Halloween themed things, which will change out in November. I picked up these two signs at the same time as the pumpkins, I think  they were like $2 and $4.  #bargainshopper #iloveadeal

This tray sits on my table, and I have only one ceramic pumpkin here, and it will stay out through November.

Of course I still have fresh flowers and I typically start buying more fall colors in September. I also love deep maroon mums in this season.

Lastly, I switched from floral tea towel to gold bandana towel and a pewter pumpkin is on the counter as well.  Sidenote: mustard is one of “the” colors for fall. No idea where I picked up this towel, but so glad I’m in this year with my color. Haha!

Rumor has it Marshall’s/Home Goods has great selection of mercury glass pumpkins this year.  I might have to make a stop to see what their selection is!  All of my serving dishes are pewter, so I love mercury glass accents with them.  Maybe they will even mark those pumpkins down on clearance….

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