#write31days | October 8

Sunday Sabbath.

Today after church I was chatting with a friend and talking about ways we rest. I love how this looks different for everyone.  This weekend, I had rest in another form, a solo road trip. I love the open road, I also love a road trip by myself.

Right about now five years ago is when I took off on the road to Ohio for Quarter Horse Congress with a truck, trailer and my sidekick Barney.

And, there have been many a trip down back roads to my favorite small towns around Texas

Down dirt roads

And sunset drives

Sometimes with the radio on.

Sometimes in silence.

Sometimes on the phone.

Sometimes letting Siri work for me and take notes.

Every now and then with a friend, but mostly on my own to a friend.

Wherever I end up is a place that fills me up and the road trip is a great place of rest for me.

I know there are lots of people who don’t love a road trip, but this is one of my ways to rest.

To shut down from being in front of a screen.

To not answer work questions and emails.

To choose silence or music.

To soak up the sites.

Sunrises and sunsets.

Country churches and hay fields.

Local cafes and hometown bakeries.

Slower speeds and open roads.

Prayers and conversations with God.

And, this weekend was another chance for me to rest with a little windshield time and back roads.

Hopefully you found rest this weekend.

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