#write31days | October 9

Monday Musings: Balance

This season of my life, like probably for many of you, feels like there is very little margin. These are most of the things that consume my time right now, in no particular order….

Bayou City Fellowship
HLSR x 2 Committees
Prayer/Bible Study
Everyday photo
Laundry/Clean Up at home
Out of town trips

Your list probably looks similar, but might include taking care of spouse, kids, shuttling to practices, and other family commitments.This week for me:
Monday – Work, cook for week, Homework – Prep for class final, read articles
Tuesday – Work, Dentist Appt, Polished meeting, finalize homework/study
Wednesday – Work, Class 6pm – 10pm
Thursday – Work, Rodeo Meetings x 3
Friday – HLSR Speaking event, Work, dinner w/ bestie
Saturday – Walk w/ bestie, night event, homework – let’s be real, I will put this off 
Sunday – Nursery duty, church, finish prep for new classes starting Monday night
Everyday:  Walk Auggie, talk to my parents, Plexus work, #write31days post, pic of day post, play fetch/catch with Auggie, school work, keep house chores up

Photo cred: House of Belonging

I’ve found myself saying “no” more lately.
Things I really WANT to do.
Some I feel like I NEED to do.
But mostly I just CAN’T do it all!

You too?

Feel guilty about it?

A couple of years ago I read Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes, and realized the importance of saying “YES” to the right things and by saying “NO” to something, that means I’ve said “YES” to what matters most.

Maybe that YES is to rest.
Maybe it’s sitting at the table with someone who matters most to me because that encourages me and keeps me going.
Maybe it’s only for a short time.
Maybe it’s for a season.

Society will tell us if we’re not “busy” we’re not important or doing enough. Every minute should be filled and committed. That is where success is found.

No one can keep up that pace. I don’t care who you are.

We’re exhausting ourselves and those around us with our “busy”.

I don’t post my list to “tout” the things I do.  I post it as a reminder to myself.

Some days I need to choose.
Say YES to something and NO to something else.

And, new opportunities, I need to look at the list, and consider if it really fits.

I can tell you what I won’t be doing in 2018.
Anything that requires an everyday commitment, even something so small as posting a pic every day.

Because I’ve said YES to finishing my MBA in Spring semester and that means extra classes, but less semesters of tuition.
So, 2018 is going to include more NO. Because of that YES.

And, Fall 2017 is giving me practice at saying NO.
Even when I feel guilt over it.  And, want to say YES.

Every time I’ve been affirmed and glad I said NO.
Because the YES I’ve said has been my best YES.

And, that is where I want to be.

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