#write31days | October 10

Tuesday Tip

Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to know about this, but surely one more person needs to know…

Google Incognito.

Did you know about this?

Right click on the Google Chrome icon, select incognito window.

A new window opens up, it’s black screen, so differentiates that you’re “incognito”.

And, the history, cookies site data aren’t collected.  If you’re a parent, maybe you know about this, but if not, great tip for kids internet use.  I’m sure big brother at work or school can still see what you’re doing, but at least some browsing won’t be captured.

My other tip? Follow your own advice, and that means saying “no” tonight to more writing (see yesterday’s post) because I said “yes” to a couple of hours of Polished work after our leader meeting and I have a long day tomorrow!

See you tomorrow for What I Wore Wednesday!  All about a fun fall trend!

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