#write31days | October 12

Thursday Truth. 

There have been several verses I have thought about for this week. I spent some time Tuesday night following up on prayer requests from girls who have attended our Polished Houston luncheons and have been receiving emails back.

Know what those emails say?

God has answered their prayers. 

That isn’t because of me.

I know they have been praying for these things and I’m sure asking others to as well.

I also know that in a season when it seems like prayers might not even be heard or ever answered like we would like, it is good to be reminded that God hears our prayers.  Not one of them falls on ears that are not actively listening.

I was reminded this weekend by our Pastor that we don’t see ALL things. We think we do. But, we don’t. Hebrews 2:5-10 speaks truth that I can lose sometimes in the limited view I have…


  1. EVERYTHING  is subject to Jesus.  Not the government, celebrities or influencers. JESUS.
  2. We don’t see everything. Because of Jesus’ patience and his perspective on time, because of enemies, our view is limited.  But, we CAN SEE JESUS.
  3. Jesus’ victory was won through SUFFERING. Not through accolades…through suffering.

I can relate to feeling like the world has gone mad. That we have lost our way.  That suffering and destruction by water, fire and people is winning. That there is no hope. That we are alone.




And, he hears our prayers. Though I haven’t got an answer to some specific things I’m praying, others have and that reminds me, his time is not my time.  Everything is subject to Him.  I keep on because he suffered for me to gain eternal life.

So, keep pressing on. Cling to truth.

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