#write31days | October 27

Friday Favorites

A few things I’m loving this week….


I turned off Game 2 when score was 3-1 because I was so distracted and I HAD to get some homework done. Then I heard my neighbors yelling, and I checked Twitter and we tied the game. I’m too superstitious to turn it back on so I kept up via Twitter until we finally won in the 11th!!  FAVORITE Also, pics of little Altuve being “held” by his teammates make me laugh and are a FAVORITE!!

We’ve had THREE jeans days this week with Astro’s T’s or colors in support of the World Series!  FAVORITE!! Wonder if we win if we could have jeans every day!?  #wishfulthinking #ilovejeans Today’s outfit included a couple of favorites; new Nickel and Suede cork leather earrings, my fun T from Alabama Sweet Tea that’s perfect for Astro’s spirit and flare jeans!

Here’s my other “spirit day” looks, you can see details on Wednesday’s post here.

Fanny pack. Yep, it’s a FAVORITE.  I picked this up at Walmart on a whim before I was going on my trip for $10.  I left the tag on it in case I didn’t use it. When we got ready to go to Disney, I ripped that tag off and was so glad I had it, even though a few people made fun of me!  No carrying a bag or backpack all day long. Minimalist of what I needed with me and this won’t be the last appearance for my fanny pack. You should try it!!

Since I was gone last weekend, I was super excited our church started an evening service last Sunday night! I don’t like missing church, and having Sunday night church is a FAVORITE!  It was such a great service, and I’ll definitely mix up my Sundays with evening church sometimes!

These October skies we have had this week, amazing!  Getting to be out and about for work on days like this?  FAVORITE!  It was a glorious day on Thursday!  Grateful for the sunshine in what has been a couple of heavy weeks!!

I love the Insta.  It’s just pictures.  And, pictures are my FAVORITE. I also love finding fun small businesses, boutique owners chasing their dreams, and supporting their business.  Now, I need a Vegas NFR event for this dress, then maybe I could buy it!? How amazing is this!?!?  Fringe?  FAVORITE. In the words of the Junk Gypsies, if loving fringe is wrong I don’t want to be right!!

That’s it for this week. Hope you had some FAVORITE moments of the week!

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