Let Freedom Ring

Well, I never really meant for it to be almost 3 months before I sat back here at the keyboard and typed on my blog…but, it is what happened. If I could describe the last couple of months, the days could be summarized like this:

Since I last wrote on April 23, I had a few weeks left to finish my MBA, which I did on May 9th and I walked the stage on May 19th!

And, I’ve LET FREEDOM RING since!!

I don’t think I really realized how bound I was by the last two years of school.  Pushing to graduate early made for a very hectic spring semester, but this summer I have been SOOOO glad I made that decision and pushed through.  I have lots of thoughts since finishing this season, and I shared a lot about seasons of transition at a recent Polished luncheon, and I’ll be sure to share that podcast here when it is released.

Most of all, I’ve been asked “What’s next?”.   

The answer has been simple. Nothing.  

I  wasn’t set out to immediately change jobs. I was rolling out of a couple of volunteer commitments. Summer was approaching with a change in work hours and long weekends. And, I had only one goal; to be free!

So, here’s a little catch up of what’s been happening in these weeks that I have soaked up FREEDOM!

I have celebrated and been celebrated. After graduation I celebrated at dinner with my parents and a few besties.  I also had a happy hour the night before with so many of my friends who were able to come out for a bit, friends for weeks to friends for years and years.  I have been very blessed to have had so many people come alongside me in this season, and it was a little overwhelming to look around that party at 40+ of my closest friends for whom I am so grateful.

I took a quick trip to Orlando for Plexus convention and got to hang out with several sweet friends! There were tons of fun parties, exciting new product releases and a few hours spent out by the pool with a book + pink drink.

I’m SO far behind on book reviews, but I’m going to catch up. I’ve been keeping the library rotation hot and have read several good books lately. Stay tuned!

I wrapped up serving as Director/Co-Director of Polished Houston in June and am so grateful for these two who have become such dear friends through serving under their leadership.  No one defends dreams like Kat Armstrong and Jana has the most generous heart. My life is forever changed because of them.  I am so excited to see the Houston chapter continue to grow and look forward to attending luncheons when they start back up in the fall!

I have made several (read: 5 weekends in a row) trips up to the 4G, and one of those was to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad and family. The littles have been there for VBS and Camp 4G a couple of weeks as well, and I’m grateful to have been able to spend a few days here and there with them and my parents.

(PS – this was my graduation dress, even though it was never seen under my graduation gown — a Nordstrom Rack find, under $30!)

Oh hey — I cut my hair another 5-ish inches, after cutting about 4″ in March, during one of those trips to the 4G!  Of course inspired by a random stranger on the internet photo categorized as “long blunt cut” and here’s the comparison between our two cuts.

Lots has also been going on for the littles….everyone is a year older, they can all touch the bottom of the pool with their head above water, they are learning to blow bubbles, are the best helpers around the 4G and so much more! Every season brings so many new things and fun! Being an Aunt is still one of my favorite gifts of life!

Perhaps one of the greatest treats of this season has been sitting at the table with friends.  I have had so many breakfasts, lunches and dinners and have loved every minute sitting at a table with my people. The table is one of my very favorites, and whether in my home or at a restaurant, those have been the best hours in this season!

I made a quick trip to Austin to see Choir 48 of the African Children’s Choir perform in a fundraising event.  I love this group and am fortunate to have met 5 or 6 choirs now, each immediately drawing you into their stories with their beautiful voices and smiles.

July 2nd was Auggie’s 2nd GOTCHA DAY! So, of course we celebrated with a new toy and an Astros jersey, which he’s fake smiling over, because he really isn’t certain it is as cute on as I tell him it is….

And, I have a few festive decorations out for Memorial Day/Summer/July 4th around the house…

(Sidenote: I really need a patriotic book for summer!)

I’ve also done some cooking and baking again in my free time.  A peach cobbler for July 4th gathering

And, my first ever apple pie and first ever lattice crust!

I’ve been to several Astros baseball games, with besties, family and Rodeo friends, and consequently had several Shake Shack burgers! #yum

There have been a few nights out….

But all in good balance, with days by the pool.

And, of course flares and cutoffs still reign supreme around here!

Don’t kid, freedom has also meant a lot of doing absolutely nothing and/or taking a nap on the couch.

I finally cleaned out my school notebook, notes, projects and articles; organized for what I’m keeping vs trashing and feel like that season is wrapped up with a bow. So, that’s a quick rundown of life lately, and there are a few other fun things still to come to the blog….in time. For now, moving forward one day at a time, and it’s good to be back in my writing chair after a looooonnnnngggg, much needed, break from my desk!




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