#write31days | October 17

Since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d throw in a “What I Wore Wednesday” post. It’s been a while, there’s a few things on repeat lately, and you can bet I’ll#doitagain and continue to reach for these items.

Acrylic earrings.  It’s no secret I love earrings, and these were a random local 19th Street boutique find that I have worn over and over.  Not even exaggerating, probably wear them at least once if not twice or more a week. They are lightweight, and the perfect size for me.

Plaid pants.  On a random Walmart walk through I found these pants, and they are my favorite thing of fall!  I have to think if I’ve already worn them in the week because I reach for them regularly. I love printed pants, they are good mix up of work wear, and these are super comfortable. Style tip/Tall girl tip — I picked up the small petite so they’d be the perfect cropped length.  #bargainshopper  We all know I #doitagain and again.

Camo bag.  My work days have been all over the place lately, including a lot of meetings offsite and I’ve been taking my computer around a ton.  (Side note: I’m trying to quit handwriting notes that end up having to be retyped whenever I can. Although, I sometimes feel like having the computer out is rude, so I’m careful when I do that or use a good old fashioned notebook, which is also a favorite.) Camo has long been my favorite and I found this bag at TJ Maxx in the early spring this year, with a $215 original price tag and TJ’s tag for $29.99. Get in my buggy. I’ll #doitagain every time for a deal like that! 🙂  It’s got a few pockets and is perfect size for work, not too bulky, but holds everything.

Bracelet Stacks. I have been wearing my Fitbit consistently and finally quit wearing my regular watch in addition to the Fitbit. Instead, I’ve been mixing up my bracelets stacked with my Fitbit.  I love the Lenny and Eva mantra bracelets and this was a snap one day of my stack, and a simple reminder in some hard days to CHOOSE JOY. Sometimes I need a reminder to #doitagain. I also have HAVE COURAGE and BE KIND pieces that snap onto the bracelets.

I randomly snapped this headed into a work meeting and realized later I happened to have on all of my favorites: earrings, pants, bag and bracelet stack!  Plus the wind blowing my hair a little crazy.

If you really want to know the outfit I’d like to have on repeat it would look a little like this:(Which I found on the cutest canvas at Marshall’s, but I only snapped a photo and didn’t buy it.)

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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