Holidate: Christmas 2021

With a wedding on the calendar and plan to see family in the same weekend, we decided to make it a little getaway date together in between.  I think it’s important to take time away together, and it’s been fun to do that in the midst of the holidays two years in a row, maybe it will become a tradition for us….

Holidate: Christmas 2020

First stop, a growing up bestie/my Godson’s wedding with my #weddingdateforlife.
Only the 2nd wedding we’ve attended since we’ve been married!



We left the wedding in the country and drove to the city – Dallas for the rest of the weekend. 

On our way into Dallas we drove through Highland Park to look at Christmas lights. So many amazing wrapped trees and pretty decorations.  It’s hard to capture Christmas lights on camera, mostly we just looked and admired! 


We checked into our hotel after a fun evening and a full day of traveling!  Sunday morning we had brunch at Bread Winners and looked around at North Park’s Christmas decorations, so many pretty windows and neat displays! 

The famous North Park Santa wasn’t there, but this giant Lego Santa was impressive!

We made our way a little further to see family and spent the afternoon and evening at the Dallas Arboretum.  I’d always heard about how fun the Arboretum was, the Houston location doesn’t quite compare, and it was fun to see at Christmas time.  

The Twelve Days of Christmas displays were magical!


We made our way home Monday from a fun weekend. 

To kick off our holiday breaks from school we hopped in the car to Santa’s Wonderland, which wrapped up our Christmas Holidates.  Cody had been to Santa’s Wonderland when it was a drive through experience, and I had never been.  It was fun, something we’d do again in the future, but both agreed it wasn’t something we would do every year.  

First stop: Santa! 🙂 

So many lights and fun activities to stroll around and see. We had a beautiful day to be there, wasn’t too cold, but chilly when the sun went down, and wasn’t too crowded on a week day – we got there when it opened, and left by 8ish. 

I can’t even imagine the amount of lights that are used throughout the park, it was so pretty to see! 

After seeing the lights, we went to the sledding hill for some fun.  

We grabbed dinner, a hot chocolate, watched a little of the performers by the camp fire and then made our way home. A fun few days away together + celebrating the season made for fun Christmas Holidates! 

Merry Christmas!
Angie & Cody

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Holidate: Christmas 2020


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