Holidate: Christmas 2022

Well, looks like Christmas Holidate weekend is becoming a tradition for us, since this is our third year for a weekend getaway in December! 

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This year we spent the weekend in College Station, kicking it off at the Andrew Peterson: Behold The Lamb of God tour with our besties. 

What a beautiful telling of the story of scripture through song. I love a show with lots of musicians, the music is so amazing! If you have the chance to see this show, go do it!  We talked about trying to see it in Nashville at the Ryman in the future – the Mother Church, would be so beautiful there.  Most of all the telling of scripture is a beautiful story and reminder of the gift of Jesus in our lives in this season. 


After the show we went to the iconic Dixie Chicken and Northgate area of College Station.  A place Cody and I have both spent some time through the years, but our first time there together. 

And, the first time for our friends to go to the Dixie Chicken. If only we’d had a little longer to hang out, definitely would have grabbed some dominos! 


Saturday morning we spent some time around College Station, including visiting the new Aggie Park. 

And, a little window shopping and Christmas shopping around Century Square.  

Saturday afternoon we loaded up to head out to the Ranch, after a burger at Cody’s favorite Koppe Bridge. 

The weather has been so warm, we weren’t sure if we would see any deer, but also planned to take a little time for a year in review.  We talked through things we’ve celebrated this year, grieved this year, grown this year, hoped this year, want to happen in the future, goals we have and more.  All while sitting out in God’s creation. 

We debated this weekend trip, taking the Gator for the ranch, etc. due to the forecast, and I prayed that it wouldn’t rain while we were out and for us to be able to enjoy the time together. God answered that prayer with a beautiful evening and the sun came out!

Even though we didn’t see deer, we saw several red birds – an uplifting, happy sign that those we have lost will live forever, so long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts. If you zoom in by the feeder, you can see redbird sitting on the fence.


Saturday night we had dinner in Century Square at Juanitas, got ice cream from Lick and called it an early night – neither of us could stay awake to watch the end of the NFR finals!! While God heard my prayer for rain while we were out and about, it came the loudest storm I can remember in a long time overnight!! The lightning must have been SOCLOSE because the thunder was SO LOUD!

Sunday morning, the rain had stopped, and we were up and on the road bright and early to the ranch again, and all set up in the stand before the sunrise.  

We saw a couple of doe and a nice buck out for a stroll. 

We packed up from the ranch, loaded the Gator, got breakfast at MESS Waffles, then packed up to head home. We listened to church on our way home to wrap up a fun weekend away. 

A couple of bonus favorites from this weekend…camo on camo on camo. Thank you to Cody for this fun surprise pullover.  So cozy in the stand and on the road home.  

We stayed at Cavalry Court and here’s a couple of shout outs to well thought out hotel rooms…the mirror also worked as a shelf, we had a balcony, a small couch/seating area, SMEG fridge, and a CEILING FAN. Why don’t more hotels do this!!?  Definitely a fan.  Pun intended!  

A fun and intentional time away together thinking back on a year with lots of highs, lows, and moments in between. We are hopeful for the year ahead; as we begin a new calendar year and soon to celebrate our 3rd anniversary/begin our 4th married year.  

Merry Christmas, 
Angie & Cody 

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