Married: Volume III

As we were on a getaway for our anniversary last weekend, we talked about our favorite things we wanted to remember from year three of marriage…these are a few of our favorite moments… 

Most of all, there were ordinary days at home; nightly walks, cooking dinner and sitting at our table to talk about our days, life, hash out what we needed to, pray and process.


We hosted friends and family in our home gathered around our table and across our backyard!


We celebrated birthdays! 


We played/learned (or learning) to play golf. 


We had an impromptu game of bags at Dutch Bros, and Angie won! 

We spent time on the water fishing. 


We worked on projects together at home; our garden, patio expansion, and an office update – more coming soon.


We went on a Sundate to Galveston – the beach, Cordray Drug Store and Tookies Burgers.


A holidate to College Station 

And other date nights to our favorite restaurants


We visited Catalena Hatters for a new hat (Cody) and restored hat (Angie). 


Cody was baptized as a public rededication of his faith and we joined our church. 


We cheered on the Astros and celebrated the World Series Win!


We enjoyed a staycation in Houston and a trip to Palo Duro Canyon 


We spent a lot of time with our small group 


And, spent a weekend away with friends

We loved having a full Rodeo Houston back for 2022! It will always be a special place for us!


We cozied up by the fire many nights 



We celebrated our engagement anniversary

We had a full football season of officiating. 

And went to an Aggie game 

We had our annual car maintenance & registration date 

We planted a tree in our front yard…here’s hoping it survived the freeze of 2022! 

We took a couple of trips to the ranch 

We celebrated accomplishing some major milestones in our journey to adoption 


We celebrated the holiday season and bid farewell to 2022 


Of course, Auggie was a major part of our family life this year…we work hard for him to live his best life! Ha! 

He always has lots to say in the car….

  also loves a fire…

…and, of course we celebrated his birthday, too! 

To celebrate Year # 3 we took a road trip to Fort Worth for our anniversary… 

Made a stop in West, Texas – if you know you know… 

Had dinner at a favorite sushi restaurant 

Went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, twice 


Where Randy Travis was just a few rows behind us 

The rodeo was a great time!  Best place to see Ol Glory and great performance of rodeo! 


We took a snack break at our AirBnB


We spent an evening in the Stockyards + dinner at 97 West 


On our actual anniversary we met for a lunch date at the restaurant who catered our wedding 

Cody delivered BEAUTIFUL flowers

And, we spent the evening at our very favorite place: home. 


Had a delicious three course meal 


No matter where you find yourself, married or not, always remember, the internet shows a highlight reel of life. Behind and between each of these pics are many stories that are only ours, not for sharing and have taught us lots in this year.  We choose to celebrate with traditional gifts, and year three is leather.

Like aging leather, this year has broken us in. We’ve taken some hits, we’ve tended to each other, we’ve sought wise council, we’ve tried new things, we’ve rebounded, we’ve celebrated, we’ve persevered, we’ve prayed, we’ve forgiven, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve learned, we’ve grown, we’ve held fast to each other and Jesus.  

So many people have been a part of our story this year, and for all of these things we are grateful. 

Here’s to turning the page on year three, and the new page ahead as we begin year four! 

Blessings from our home to yours, 
Angie & Cody

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