Plexus: 9 months

Hard to believe June marks 9 months I’ve been using Plexus products!

There’s a few things I’ve noticed in these last few months as I feel like my body has really settled into better gut health from consistency of supplements and vitamins.  And, here’s a few more details into products, why I’m continuing to use Plexus and long term benefits.

We have laughed at work about the Snickers selection lately and maybe you can relate to one (or all) of these conditions.  Aside from having a conversation with AT&T about my cable plan and rate, I can definitely say I am much less edgy, much more patient, etc..Did you know those feelings stem from your gut health?  The gut is the body’s “second brain” and produces serotonin.  What is serotonin?  What makes you HAPPY! So many testimonies from my team of no longer taking anxiety and depression meds, which has been life changing for them.  Symptoms of anxiety or depression are often suffered in silence, and perhaps improving gut health could change everything about how you really feel.  As someone who’s had claustrophobic panic attacks I know this is real.

Want to know more about gut as your body’s second brain?  Here’s some crazy interesting info from Johns Hopkins…..

“If you’ve ever “gone with your gut” to make a decision or felt “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous, you’re likely getting signals from an unexpected source: your second brain. Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, this “brain in your gut” is revolutionizing medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way you think.”

Read more: John Hopkins Gut Health

Have you struggled with finding a probiotic? Choose the one on sale to “try” or the expensive one “because it must be better”?!? SAME!
But have you noticed no real change whether you’re taking it or not? SAME!

So I was surprised when I started using Probio 5 and the results. Why is Plexus ProBio different?
One word: Chitosanase. It’s the difference between our probiotic (ProBio5), and all other probiotics.

Most probiotics on the market, promote large quantity of strains. You’ve seen it – “50 billion strains per capsule!” or “14 billion good bacteria!” or “85 billion live cultures, GUARANTEED!”. But, like most things, it’s the QUALITY, not quantity that counts. And, none of these probiotics can be absorbed as well as ProBio5. 

Why? Well, yeast overgrowth actually INHIBITS the absorption of probiotics. When yeast multiplies in the gut, it forms a tough, protective cell wall called Chitin. This is what makes yeast overgrowth hard to kill. ProBio5 (unlike other probiotics) includes the enzyme, Chitosanase, which breaks through that cell wall and effectively attacks the yeast overgrowth, so that the intestines can properly absorb the culture forming units.

The ProBio5 capsules are also specially formulated to dissolve when they reach the pH of your gut.
Why is this important? Other probiotics dissolve in your stomach. Unfortunately, stomach acid will kill off a large percentage of the bacteria before it reaches your gut. ProBio5 ensures that 100% of live cultures and enzymes make their way to your gut – exactly where they need to be.

Why is yeast overgrowth a big deal? Because it prohibits vitamins and minerals from being absorbed fully. Everyone has a yeast overgrowth to some degree (yes, you too) and it could be the reason you feel sluggish, crave sugar, get head pain/chronic head pain, feel bloated, experience constipation, or can’t lose weight.

Another perk of a good Pro-biotic? You should be sleeping SO well!! Good restful sleep.

How about fun stuff??

I am not a huge lover of free stuff and swag, because most of the time it’s not useful.  Thankfully as a Plexus Ambassador I get stuff that I USE!!  Like this awesome canteen water bottle.  Super fun prize I got in the mail recently that I have used through my summer pool and travel days!

Want to know the biggest realization I’ve had since taking Plexus??

ZERO sick days. ZERO.

This ENTIRE year I’ve not said “no” to something because “my allergies are bad”, “I have a headache”, “I’ve got a cold”, “my stomach is upset”, NOTHING. I’ve said “no” only because it wasn’t my best “yes”. That’s because gut health matters, it’s changed my body from the inside; improved my immunity, killed my headaches and no sign of allergies!! ??

Plexus Slim, the pink drink I wake up and have EVERY morning. Takes 5 seconds to mix, just add water and ice!

I woke up like this. Happy + Healthy.

Don’t let another month go by as  “you wish you would have”….

I did this all summer last year, and wish I would have started Plexus sooner, because I would have eliminated the pesky symptoms I had sooner…

TriPlex is simple, Pink Drink, BioClease (stay tuned for my one year with more info about BioCleanse) and ProBio. The results can change everything. Let’s talk about your gut health and how you can have less headaches, stomach issues, allergies, inflammation and sick days with more happy, sleep and energy to do the things you want to!!

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