#write31days | October 22

Sunday Sabbath: Time Off

Recently I had an out of town luncheon to attend, and I was trying to plan my out of office time, debating between going in early, working a few hours or just taking off the whole day.

I ended up taking off the whole day.

But, I still set my alarm to get up at my normal time, but to use those hours at home.  This was in September and I was feeling behind on several things, including this little blog as several of my weekly posts weren’t written yet due to life happening and lack of time to write.  I also had a few other tasks to take care of at home that I could knock out in a few hours.

So, I mixed up my pink drink, and sat down to write.  I cranked out four posts and crossed a couple of other things off my list.  I made a cup of coffee to sip along the way too, since I was at home, it was a day off, and I love a cup of coffee on a slow morning.

These few morning hours?

They turned out to be rest for me.

I did something I wanted to.
I had time to sit and enjoy the morning.
I stayed in my PJs.
I felt “caught up” when I was dressed and headed out to my luncheon.
While I drove I planned my topics for #write31days this year with Siri and the notes on my iPhone.

Rest looks different for everyone, and I was reminded a few hours off work, during the work week, used intentionally are rest to me.  I’ve also used those hours to meet a friend for breakfast, or a longer lunch, or leaving early for something I want to do.  Then, in the evening I have free/down time.

So, whatever it is for you, I hope you make time to rest.  NapsRoad Trips. Praying. Time off.

(For the record today, I just took a study break for this post, as I’m in the midst of accounting and marketing homework!!)

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