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Monday Musings: Costumes

Dressing up in costumes is not my favorite thing. I have really never been much of a costume person, nor liked people being dressed up, especially scary costumes. The thing I hate the most is being somewhere that you KNOW the people, but because of their masks and “being in character” you have no idea who they are. And, they won’t tell you. I shut down. Don’t talk to me unless you reveal yourself.

I did attend a pretty fun Pirate themed Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago during Plexus Leader’s Retreat and it was fun to dress up with a group of friends where everyone was fun and not scary.

But, there’s a costume we’re putting on nearly every day.
The filtered one.
It fits in a square frame.
On social media.

I’m not talking about only posting our “happy photos”, because we want to look back on the best memories.  #same

I mean changing the way every photo looks and only posting “the good one” because we’re not in full makeup, and not in our favorite outfit, and hair looks a mess.

And, dismissing someone when they tell you, “you look great”.

Thinking, “no, I don’t, I look terrible“.

Never considering “thank you” and claiming their words to be truth.

BELIEVING instead the lies; that say every photo should have no messy hair, no wrinkles, no signs of life well lived.

And, repeating it again, “I look terrible, no photos”.


Everyone around us hears us.

Your friends who told you “you look great”.  But, they are dismissed.
Your spouse who sees you as beautiful or handsome. But, they are dismissed.
Your kids who are looking in you as their mirror and begin to believe these things about themselves. They don’t dismiss it.
Your circle of influence. They hear you. And see that is what you believe about yourself.

So, let’s take off the costume.

Saturday morning, slept until 9:47.  Out the door for an event by 10:30.  3 minutes to brush my teeth, put on a swipe of mascara, baseball cap for dirty hair, and on my way.  

You, only you, were created by the God of the universe, who names the stars and knows the number of hairs on your head.
You were knit together to be exactly you.
Even if you’re an identical twin, you are your own person and there are differences between you.
He, the God of the universe who called day and night into being, takes DELIGHT in you.
You were formed in the image of Christ.
You are his creation.

Why would we constantly deny who we were created to be?

I dare you (me) this week.
Worry more about what you’re doing, less about what you look like.
Worry more about where you’re spending your time, less about what you look like.
Worry more about speaking and receiving truth, less about what you look like.

I don’t mean not taking pride in ourselves and caring for our bodies. On the regular, we are put together.

But, running out to the carpool line, chatting with someone you see running errands, making plans for a meal or coffee last minute, or a neighborhood event without being “dressed” (ie: hair, makeup; please wear clothes) won’t be the end of your days.
Smile and live your life with your people.
They love you.

Early Sunday morning with two little twinkies who were having their “best day ever” because they were getting baptized and wanted a little coffee while we sat at the table visiting and Meme was making breakfast.  This moment matters and they LOVE pictures and selfies. 

When you’re about to say “I look terrible”.
Don’t say it.

Instead, tell yourself:
I am the daughter/son of the KING of the world.
He knows my name.
He wants my heart.
He doesn’t want my costume.

And, smile. Because what a gift!

What’s in this picture?

Two babies I walked, and talked and prayed about for YEARS for a bestie & her husband.
Two babies who are now SIX MONTHS old.
Their mama behind the camera, who means the world to me.
Holding them, because WHAT A GIFT from the God of the universe to hear our prayers, knit those babies in the womb, protect them through 30+ days of NICU and bring them home thriving and growing.
A make-up free face after a 7ish mile walk and a quick shower so I was clean to snuggle them for a few minutes.
I want them to be held and loved when I see them, no matter what I look like, because MIRACLE.
That is what matters in this moment.

These days are fleeting.

The time you spend will matter so much more than what you looked like doing it.

Costumes are fun for a party, but you don’t need a costume every day.

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  1. Van Nguyen-Rubio on October 31, 2017 at 10:37 am

    AMEN!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words of truth and encouragement! Love you mucho mucho my oh so precious friend!!

  2. Laurie S on November 1, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    Excellent post, Angie! Great words, great food for the mind, heart and soul… so often we look at the surface and not what’s underneath. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL… Loved your write31days posts, I love your blog. Gentle, profound, makes me smile… God bless you, my sister in Christ!

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