Commit 30: October

In case you missed it in January, I’m taking 2017 in 30 day increments (well, sometimes 30, or 31 or 28) and committing to something for 30 days.

October: #write31days

This month I’ve blogged everyday for the 4th year in a row.  I wrote on the day nearly every day, I think maybe 2 or 3 times I pre-wrote due to travel/access to posting.About every other day I considered abandoning this month. Some days I didn’t know what I would write until I sat down at night, and sometimes when I was unsure about a post, I got a message from a friend or reader about my words.  And, if those words, especially Monday Musings and Thursday Truths meant something to one person, then that was my purpose in writing.

A few of these posts have been my favorites…

Mixing and matching patterns and prints 

Waiting and Answers 

The Sleeves of Fall 

Cleaning up Messes

Meeting M I C K E Y!! 

See all of this month’s posts here: #write31days 2017

So, that was my Commit for October.


Now for November.

What would you commit to for 30 days?
I have several things I have thought of, but would love to hear some other ideas.

It’s good discipline in all aspects of life.
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