2017 Every day. (08.06.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.


Sunday I FINALLY made it to the grocery store, in case you read last week and saw the condition of my fridge on Tuesday after nearly 4 weeks of being gone except for a couple of nights at home. I stocked up on the regular additions to my fridge and some makings for salad, because there’s been a definite lack of green in my vaca diet lately!  I did also try a new BlueBell flavor, Sweet and Salty Crunch and I would recommend it!  #balance
First, August 7th marks my parents 46th wedding anniversary and I’m so grateful they continue to choose each other every day!  This T is one of my favorites for a workout, but you should know I only wear it when I walk. I am definitely not a runner (a jogger at best) and this shirt just makes me laugh. I usually forget I have it on when out for a walk, but regularly pass people who I can see get a laugh out of it.  This particular day a man passed me, who was legit runner, and smiled. Then I passed him on the way back again and he took out his headphones and told me how much he liked my shirt, wanted to say that the first time we passed. Sometimes on the hike and bike trails people won’t make eye contact at all so it’s nice every now and then when someone will say hello, or make a passing comment.  Every now and then Auggie gets them with his charming smile on walks and people will comment on him.  Apparently he was a little camera shy this day.
Houston has had a few rainy days and Tuesday was a day of “flash flood” warnings through the night and rain that lasted most of the morning. The Bayou by me was pretty full of water in the morning, and by evening when we went for a walk you can see how high the water had been, all the way on the trail. This is a low spot of the trail, so it’s often covered in debris along the fence line after a heavy rain. Thankfully the rain passed and we didn’t have major flooding across the city.  Someone is also working on their sit/stay skills….
Here’s the view from my patio around 6:30am after all night of rain.
Since I’ve been gone, I haven’t had flowers in my house for most of July, and I picked these up at the grocery store on Sunday. My flowers budget is about $5-$6, so the type of flowers I get varies. This particular bouquet was $5 and I love the color combo of white, yellow, green and magenta. They have been really pretty with the evening sun streaming in.
Auggie has been particularly interested in the porch as lizards have been taunting him these last few days.  If you look close you’ll see two lizards on the railing that about made him lose his mind.  And mine too as he startled me barking at them all of the sudden!
Thursday I met up with AshLee Frazier who is an upcoming speaker for August Polished Luncheon (if you’re local to Houston, click here for info).  I have loved getting to know her, and am really excited she’s going to share her story with us at lunch.  You might recognize her as a former participant in The Bachelor, and she’s the second contestant I’ve met in Bachelor franchise history, both of which have been great people!  A good reminder that TV doesn’t always show your real character, neither does social media and our stories matter.  
Also on Thursday I had some lessons in antifreeze as my car was slightly overheating….I loathe car issues but am grateful my Dad is always a phone call away and helps me out when I need it! #whereisahusband
Walking out of work into the weekend and my last day of 40.  This year has been a good one!  I know a lot of people try to hide their age, don’t want to admit their age, or for some reason are shamed by their age. I will say, I have no regrets to now being “in my forties” and am grateful for these years.  I feel more settled than ever with who I am. For more thoughts on age, click here.
(In case you’re wondering the floral kimono is from a cute online boutique, Buckin Wild Designs.)
This is 41!  I had a great day, spent time with several friends and celebrating with my family. Fun fact: I share a birthday with my Mom!  She made us cake and brought me several fun presents to open too!  Also, birthdays are my favorite day on Facebook, hearing from so many friends through the years of my life!
I also celebrated one of my besties on Saturday at her Bachelorette Party, never underestimate the fun of matching your besties!

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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