2017 Every day. (08.13.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.


Sunday was the day after a full Saturday of going with friends, family and celebrating I went to early church ran a couple of errands, got to the pool for a bit, and had a Polished leadership meeting, which I intended to get a group picture of our leadership team and totally forgot. I think little Auggie was a little worn out from the party excitement on Saturday night, he loves when people are over, especially Meme and Papa! Also, when I first got him several people commented laying upside down like this is a “doodle trait pose”, and funny because he does lay like that regularly and I see other doodles pictured like this too.
Monday was back to work for a full 5 days…I am really fortunate that all summer long I never worked a full week…but here goes for a full 5 day work week!  August has been HOT and this summer Auggie has definitely taken advantage of the water fountain for pups on the trail. We don’t always stop if on a short walk, but on a 3 mile walk, he knows where this stopping point is and pulls me down the sidewalk to it for a big gulp!
Tuesday after work I left my car parked out of the garage, because it was having an overheating issue. I went to the pool, walked Auggie for a quick walk and took advantage of empty garage to sweep it out.  Dang it was hot, should have gone back to the pool!!  Car issues are one of my least favorite things and mine had run a little hot for the second time and was using up antifreeze, so ended up going to switch with my parents to send my car to the shop at home. Thankful they can switch with me  because never do I feel more single than dealing with a car issue…coordinating a ride, switching cars, canceled plans, knowing what really needs to be fixed, all the $$, blah blah blah.  Thankfully the Tahoe runs like a dream most of the time, and this was one of those things that “just happens with wear”, and 151,000 miles is a little bit of wear on a car….
My department at work hosted the first of our District teacher training days on Wednesday. I did five different presentations during the day, which is a lot of talking!  ha!  I remember when I was teaching I would make sure to break up my classes so all five of them weren’t teaching/lecture type days on the same day because it wears your voice down so much.  (Side note: when a microphone is available use it, it’s not worth you screaming at people because “I don’t like a microphone”; it helps people hear you and saves your voice. #soapbox) I did a few things when I got home like a random closet re-arrange and such, then hit the couch.  I pretty much stayed right here in this spot for the rest of the evening.  A group text of my co-worker friends proved everyone had the same plan, most of them with a glass of wine too; but I opted for a piece of cake first. #birthdayweek We did make it out for a short walk before it was dark outside.  Also, this is my last Wednesday night free; next week starts back to grad school for me on Wednesday nights, so I took full lazy advantage; reading, scrolling social media, little TV and magazines.
Here’s a couple of pics from the day, set up and ready, and in one of my sessions….
I’ve realized this week was one of intentional home/down time and rest.  Once this next week starts my calendar is filling up for fall with MBA classes, Polished luncheons, Rodeo meetings, fun events and other commitments.  So, I was grateful for a week without much planned.  I went straight from work to meet my parents and pick my car up Thursday, came home, went for a walk with Auggie and did a few other things. As seen from my 30 day commitment posts this year, I try to do some type of exercise daily, in addition to my walks. I rotate through seasons of planks, free weights, push ups, squats, etc., and right now, it’s push ups and sit ups. I don’t have carpet in my house except my bedroom, so this is my little space for such activity, unless I get out my yoga mat.  Seriously, things like this take only a couple of minutes, but  I can definitely tell when I’m putting in a little extra workout. In case this looks like the same outfit as yesterday’s pic, you’d be correct.  Maybe you’re not the person with “a chair” for the once worn/not really dirty pile of clothes, but since all I did Wednesday was pretty much lay on my couch, these clothes got a second wear Thursday before heading to the laundry basket. 🙂
TGIF! Made it a full week!  And, finally had my grades posted from Summer II and my accounting class! This was a leveling class for me to my MBA since I didn’t have accounting in undergrad, I had to take this class.  Thankfully it was all online considering my July schedule, but online learning is certainly not my learning style.  Learning accounting was also a little like learning a foreign language. Thankfully I have lots of friends who are accountants who helped me out. I squeaked by with a 90.56, but an A is an A, right?!  This little class went with me to 4G, San Antonio, Seaside and Nashville, cramming in homework and tests in hotels, libraries, and on rare days when I was home.  Glad it’s over, and thankful to have gotten an A! I get by with a little help from my friends!! 🙂
Saturday I celebrated my sweet bestie at a bridal shower for her in her hometown. This reminded me so much of my hometown, shower at the church, thrown by long time friends of the family.  She got lots of great gifts and it was a sweet day to celebrate her!
Saturday night I had dinner with a friend who’s moving out of Houston; one of those I’m glad our paths have crossed and will miss here in town.  We caught up over dinner, went to see a friend’s band play and bid farewell until the next time, somewhere in the world where our paths will cross.

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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