#write31days | October 18

What I Wore Wednesday

I literally wore this on (last) Wednesday.  I have always loved blazers, and found this classic plaid a few weeks ago at Target. I debated it off and on, and decided on a return trip it would be one of those things I would wish I bought later, a classic add to my closet and again goes for work + can wear with graphic t and jeans. There is a tiny bit of maroon/wine color in the plaid so this day I paired it with my long time fav cropped Gap pants and these heels from Marc Fisher a la TJ Maxx.  I’ve never worn this brand of shoes, but really like them!  Even though this is a gray plaid, I wore gold jewelry. I’ll definitely also wear it with silver and/or gunmetal jewelry.

I’ve worn this dress before (hello, Nashville and Little Big Town at the Ryman) and it was perfect again for Saturday night fundraiser event. I got this in the fields of Antiques Week, and I don’t even know the store name. I love the multi color prints and while it’s long enough on me, it is really flared/flowy and I wear a lace skirt or shorts (this time) under it! Of course the feather earrings are my fav and this cross is one of those pieces that seems to go with everything. The event I went to had a George Strait tribute band, more about them here, SO fun!!

I showed this shirt a couple of weeks ago, and if you read last week’s post on the sleeves of fall, this one could have been included.  It’s hard to see,  but the neckline has a pleated ruffle as does the sleeve just below the elbow. The sleeves are belled, but not super flared. This is perfect example of work to non-work with gray jeans. Or maybe you can wear jeans at your work. #oneday Also, the pink slip on loafers. Yes, again. I love this top! In fact, it’s going in my suitcase for an upcoming trip!

Hello stripes. Oh, and mixed stripes, I see you too. #favorites This skirt was one I tried on at Target from Who What Wear collection when it came out. But, $27.99? Nah. Pass. Spotted on clearance for $7.48? #getinmybuggy It is a really pretty dark green and of course has my favorite green grosgrain ribbon stripe on the side.  Super comfortable, elastic waist and light weight. This will repeat through the fall with various tops and also with tights.

Finally for this week, the faux-jumpsuit…black top with black joggers and several people thought it was a jumpsuit! All of the look, none of the getting nakey in the bathroom b/c jumpsuit.  These are the same shoes as above. And,  this necklace was a birthday gift a couple of years ago from my sweet friend Ashley. I have several unique jewelry pieces she gave to me through the years for my birthday, she was such an intentional gift giver! Today is her birthday, and I know the angels singing from the heavens far beats any gifts we receive on this earth.  Though I’m grateful for memories and her friendship that was a gift to my life.

That’s it for this week’s wearing!

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