#write31days | October 24

Tuesday Tip: Mixed Prints

For today’s post I thought I’d talk about mixing patterns in what you’re wearing. I have a lot of questions about mixing patterns, prints, stripes and have lots of conversations about this topic.  Here’s a few rules of thumb for me…

Leopard is a neutral. Even with navy.
Camo is a neutral. And, my 2nd favorite color.
Stripes go with pretty much anything.
Sometimes width of stripes makes a difference.
Floral + stripes is always a favorite.

Here’s a few pieces in my closet I regularly mix and match. These aren’t fancy blogger “flat lays” because I’m focusing on the patterns so you can see them up close. Click the (Full Outfit) link to see a post that has this combination as I wore it.

I’ve posted these stripe pants lots of times on my blog, here they are with a tiny print floral shirt.  Narrow stripes and smaller floral for this pairing. (Full Outfit)

Here’s a bold stripe shirt with quatrefoil-ish design pants. A small stripe with these pants would look too busy, so the larger stripe works for this pairing. (Full outfit)

You’ve seen this look too, here’s up close of the cactus blazer with stripe (sleeveless) button up.  This is where narrow stripe with a larger print works. (Full Outfit)

This polka-dot shirt is one of my favorite pieces in my closet!  I often pair it with camo, like these jogger pants or a camo pencil skirt, or camo winter puffer vest.  (Full outfit)

And, here’s that same polka dot with floral shorts. (Full Outfit)

Here’s the shorts with a bird print button up, I wore this together this summer.  (Full Outfit)

Gingham mixes well with floral too and I’ve posted this shirt tons of times! (Full Outfit)

And, sometimes I mix two directions of stripes with floral when I’m feeling like really living on the edge. Haha!! As seen on Instagram, www.instagram.com/angiegillikin

This stripe (long sleeve) button up is paired with my favorite crazy pants from Round Top. I’ve also worn a fur vest with this combo in the winter time. (Full Outfit) (Full similar outfit)

So, hopefully these pairing help you with mixing and matching your closet! See you tomorrow for What I Wore Wednesday of a few recent outfits.

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