Commit 30: July

In case you missed it in January, I’m taking 2017 in 30 day increments (well, sometimes 30, or 31 or 28) and committing to something for 30 days.

July…30 days of no Dr Pepper!

Here’s the thing. I don’t eat too many treats, sweets, etc., and typically don’t have much sweet in my house aside from pint of BlueBell (or pints when I catch Kroger 3/$5 sale) that takes me a while to eat because I just have a couple of spoonfuls, never a bowl.  So, my treat is a fountain Dr. Pepper. I don’t keep canned drinks at home either.  I know “cokes are terrible” for you, and I’m pretty healthy eater, exerciser and such, so I think one treat in moderation is fine. And, every now and then I take a DP break and don’t have it for a while.  So, that’s what I did this month.

My favorite Dr. Pepper is from Mc Donald’s, and of course they went back to $1 drinks everywhere in July.  And I drove BY a lot of Mc Donald’s this month.

I laughed when I saw this tweet in my newsfeed.  Of course I don’t think such a crisis would happen in Texas, but maybe it did in  Cali.

Fountain drinks are my favorite road trip companion, and while I never had a DP on the road. I went to San Antonio, to Florida and back in July on road trips with no DP! Even passing a Buc-ee’s and not getting a Dr Pepper. If you’re not from around here and don’t know about Buc-ee’s, I’m sorry you have to endure other types of public restrooms because theirs are simply the best.
Being gone so much I ate out A TON in July, so I did have a couple of Coke Zeros because sometimes fast food requires a fountain drink and I really don’t like the tea or water from fast food joints, or fancy restaurants like Whataburger.

While on those road trips?  These billboards were EVERYWHERE. I don’t even know what Dr. Pepper is trying to do here, just keep it simple with the classic, but apparently there are new flavors. I will not be having those. I also don’t like coke from plastic bottles. #picky #fountaindrinksforlife

And on the 30th of July, they even hacked me on Instagram with Dr. Pepper ads!?!  What the heck. I am sometimes convinced our phones “hear” everything and that’s how ads show up but I hadn’t even said out loud that I wasn’t drinking Dr. Pepper!?!  #bigbrother

So, on July 31st after 30 days of committing, I had a Dr. Pepper in the airport while waiting for my flight home from Nashville.  And it was good.

So, that was my Commit for July.

30 days of no Dr Pepper.

Now for August.

Stay tuned for the end of month reveal.
What would you commit to for 30 days?
I have several things I have thought of, but would love to hear some other ideas.

Spoiler Alert: October will be #write31days.

Yes, I’m already still thinking about a topic, nothing is really coming to me?!!?

It’s good discipline in all aspects of life.
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