#write31days | October 31

Here I am at the 31st day of writing for this year’s Write 31 Days series.  This year of writing has been a little different for me.  Last night I read back through every post of this month, the topics that I was in the weeds over the last couple of months, a few things that were going on in the moment and a few other things that have been a part of the majority of 2018.

One thing is consistent.  The faithfulness of God to me.  From the people I get to walk alongside in my faith, the lessons I have learned, the highs and lows, the blessings, waiting in various seasons and the places I’ve been stretched.  Each one of them I have over and over seen God’s faithfulness.

Writing about a lot of these topics has included a lot of circling in prayer for me and the words have at times been hard to write.  I have lived most of these topics this month, and so the physical and emotional drain on me has at times been hard.  But, I have kept circling in prayer a few things for myself and a few things for those I am closest to, believing God to be faithful.

I kept a piece of paper from my work deskpad, where I literally circled with a pen about something when I would pray about it. Also written down are a few notes from a friend who called one day while I was at work and prayed for me. I want to remember those who are intentional to me so I remember to be intentional in reaching out.

Thank you for reading along with me this month. I hope throughout this month there have been things in your life you have determined to circle in prayer, to continue praying with hope and faith in God, for however long it takes. And, that the discipline is developed so we #doitagain for all the things big and small that come our way in the days ahead.

Turn on the radio, listen to truth sung over you and remember, great is God’s faithfulness and he will. do. it. again.

This concludes this year’s #write31days series. Anything you see as bold colored text in any post is a link to another post and you can {click here} to find links for all posts in this series.  

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