Commit 30: November

In case you missed it in January, I’m taking 2017 in 30 day increments (well, sometimes 30, or 31 or 28) and committing to something for 30 days.

November: 30 Days of Jesus Calling

This season has been hard one for me to work on a Bible Study. I have books that I want to work through, but honestly, everything I’m doing  right now includes a deadline…work, MBA classes and several of my volunteer commitments.  If I miss a day of my Bible Study, then I feel like I have failed.  I know, I know, there is grace in missing.  But, then I feel behind, and failing  takes place of grace for myself. So, I’ve struggled this fall with what to study/do for my Bible study time. Also, yes, I can just read my Bible. My learning style though, I’m better with a study book companion.  I do often go back to a sermon from Sunday during the week, but this month I got my Jesus Calling out and committed to taking time every day, most often in the morning, to read Jesus Calling.

I’ve read through entire year of Jesus Calling a couple of years ago, but haven’t consistently read it again, though often get it out and  read a day. I’m always amazed by how no matter what day I open it up, it is applicable to me.  Like on November 1st, check out that first line.

This month I was reminded of my expectations, letting things go and what seems big in a moment is really small and not worth the energy.

I was reminded of the hope in glory to come, which reminds me of the song Glory to Glory by Bethel Music (click here) and the end is glory.  Also, this reminder was on Nov 14th, eve of one month after losing one of my besties unexpectedly.

I literally prayed many a day in November for “enough” for the day.  Because I often felt inadequate in my classes, not sure how all the things would get done and was reminded, I find strength in dependence on Jesus, not in dependence on myself.

Perhaps my favorite of the month was on 2nd, “The Lord protects the simplehearted”. This one stuck with me for the entire month. I’ve thought about it nearly every day.  Quietness and trust is your strength.  Don’t condemn yourself for your constant need of help. These are the very things the world would tell you are weaknesses.  But, they are the very things Jesus protects and gives rest.

So, that was my Commit for November.

30 days of Jesus Calling.

Now for December.  Wow! This year has flown!

What would you commit to for 30 days?
I’d love to hear any other ideas for 30 day commitment.

It’s good discipline in all aspects of life.


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